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A Thank You to All Who Attended the Gala/Auction at Belmont

Thank you to all who attended, who purchased artwork, contributed artwork, volunteered to help, sponsors who helped Friends of Chatham, Inc. defray the costs of the event, Denise Millner and her assistant, Lauren, with Gari Melchers Home and Studio at Belmont, auctioneer Kris Parker, and everyone at Party Services by Dori (Farrell).

Special thanks to Carol Hyland, VP of Events, Stephanie Turman, Director of Projects, Cathy Walker, past VP, Ann Haley, Pat Baughman, Jan Meredith, Ann Tebbutt, Carol Fry, Odile Pryor, Scott Walker, Earl Baughman, Kevin Brown for your efforts yesterday!

As is wont to happen whenever Beth Stenstrom, our Director of Marketing & PR, is not able to attend an event, photos taken during the event are not as prevalent as we would hope! Beth, we missed your smiling face and your marketing skillset!


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