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Diana Sculpture Restoration Complete

The restoration of the sculpture of Diana has been completed by Russell Bernabo, noted conservator of fine objects, and is awaiting her return to Chatham in September 2019.

The comprehensive conservation work to the sculpture included structural stabilization, compensation for losses, and other treatments that have returned Diana to her former glory. The photograph included gives a hint of the beautiful workmanship that Mr. Bernabo and his assistant, Brendan Coyle, provided.

As noted previously, per Mr. Bernabo, “Most of the damage to the sculpture” was “localized to a few vulnerable areas that have been broken and re-broken several times over the decades. Considering the fragility of the materials and history of outdoor exhibition, Diana survives in overall good condition and after conservaton can be maintained by the Park Service preservation team at Chatham.”

We can attest that Diana will be a welcome re-addition to the Chatham landscape and look forward to her return!


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